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Michael T. Harmon


Living in the Facebook generation makes the discovery of talent so easy. I first viewed some of local artist, Michael T. Harmon’s, work posted on my wall. His “Buffalo Inspired Movie Posters” immediately caught my eye causing me to enhance them. His work is unlike so many other artists’ work, as it involuntarily makes you think. Once that thinking process begins you can’t help but to voluntarily look at his other pieces. “Buildings tell stories and the city of Buffalo contains an impressive collection of structures whose unique architectural stylings hides an even more unique tale,” wrote Harmon in regards to his Movie Posters. Whether you are a Buffalo newcomer or native you will be able to connect to the collection.

As the founder of the “one-woman-show”, Dedicated To Buffalo, I was in need of a logo… a way for people to identify me along with my objectives/mission.  When I discovered Harmon’s “Hello From Sunny Buffalo” skyline piece, I knew that he was the artist that I have been searching for to develop my logo! He was quickly responsive, professional, and accommodated my wants and needs.  He got to know about me and Dedicated To Buffalo’s history and mission. He made suggestions, was patient, and got right to work! Not even a week later, we were sipping macchiato at Spot Coffee where he provided me with four different options!  I was instantly ecstatic! Little did he know that I am terrible when it comes to decision making, especially when all of the choices are incredible!

I wanted to get to know how this intriguing and artistic person came to be… so I inquired! Harmon remembers walking through the city as a young boy. Being “knee-height” surrounded by timidly tall buildings his “imagination ran wild,” questions were initiated, and a hidden passion was developed.  He also discovered as a youngster that he loved to take photographs.  He would take photos of anyone and everyone that would let him, mostly friends and family!  In addition, he loved to draw cartoons, primarily video game characters.  He had artistic abilities and photography skills… he says, “The rest was history!”    Harmon attended BOCES while in high school and then went on to ECC and Buffalo State College where he took art classes.  He grew extremely fond of propaganda posters, Beggarstaff Brothers, and French Impressionist art.  He enthusiastically said, “I love to draw, but it is a challenge to make it a rewarding career.” If I were a betting a woman, I would be confident in saying that his career will be rewarding in no time!

Harmon, who also goes by the nick-name Mickey, will customize his work to suit your wants and needs or you can purchase his art in 11x17in. or 24x36in. sizes.  You can view his collections/ exhibit at or you can call him at (716) 880-0268.

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