D2B 2

The symbolism of the Dedicated to Buffalo, GODDESS OF LIGHT logo & color scheme:

The Electric Tower at the PanAmerican Exposition was nick-named the “Celebration of Electricity.” It was the focal point of the Expo, as it was built to symbolize the coming age of electricity. It was colored deep green with details of cream white, blue, and gold. On it rested a 1500lb, 16ft high gilded nude, running figure: the GODDESS OF LIGHT. She perched proudly and gracefully on top of the Electric Tower bringing it to 410 feet. It is said that between $400 and $500 worth of gold leaf was used in covering her. She symbolically ushered in the 20th century and the daily use of electricity to light walk-ways, street lamps, and buildings! She is a powerful symbol in Buffalo’s history and I couldn’t think of a better icon to support my mission!

This logo was designed by Buffalo’s own artist, Mickey Harmon.

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