The objective of DEDICATED TO BUFFALO is to educate Buffalonians one fact at a time, to expose them to its vast history, the arts, and architecture. It is also to inform of upcoming events, popular restaurants, good neighbors, and books.

My philosophy is that education will lead to preservation, preservation will lead to redevelopment, and redevelopment will lead to revitalization. This is only one component of many that will lead to the rebuilding of Buffalo, but it is my contribution.

All photographs on this site were taken by me, Dedicated To Buffalo (DANIELLE HUBER). Feel free to learn from the photos, but do not use for profit!

Most facts that have been posted were put into my own words. If not, I have provided some form of citation.

If you have any question regarding the history of Buffalo, its architecture, the arts, activities, events, famous people, or anything… please ask!! If I don’t know the answer, I will find it for you!

I feel compelled to change the Buffalo Pessimists’ attitudes regarding our city! Dream world or not, a positive attitude is better than a negative one. Buffalonians need to be active rather than passive about our city… if they ever want to see a change! 

 Too many people have given up on the city; however, so many would never live anywhere else! It didn’t take one man to dig “Clinton‘s Big Ditch” that initially put Buffalo on the map, nor will one man be able to rebuild Buffalo in the 2000s. If history really does repeat itself then there is hope! If you hear anyone complain about the city, ask them what they are doing to make a difference!



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