Chippewa Market

The Chippewa Market

A Market That Should Not Be Forgotten: The Chippewa Market
The 2.5 acre Chippewa Market, aka Washington Market, was relative to the Broadway Market. The Chippewa Market, though, lives only in memory. It was born in 1856, spanning between Ellicott and Washington, and was a center for trade, commerce and business. Bells could be heard from St Michael’s church while butchers, bakers, and vegetable/fruit vendors made a living. Shoppers could browse amongst up to 440 stands where jams, jellies, pickles, knit products, flowers, butter, and numerous other products/services could be purchased. Unfortunately, due to changing times, people render to giant super groceries with frozen foods making tiny stands, essentially, obsolete. In 1960, the market was demolished for a parking lot. Thank goodness Buffalo is still blessed with the Broadway Market! Let’s keep it alive by utilizing it year-round! ♥
w market

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