WILLIAM G. FARGO arrived in Buffalo in 1810. He dipped his hands in a grocery business, but was unsuccessful. In 1843 he became an agent for Pomeroy & Co., a messenger business. A year later he collaborated with Henry Well and started a company called Wells & Co. running an express line from Buffalo to Cleveland and extending to Detroit, being the first venture to undertake the west of Buffalo. The company grew but the partners broke apart and Wells and Dunning sold their shares. The company became Livingston & Fargo. In 1850 their express line and several others consolidated under the American Express Company. Fargo became secretary. In result of the discovery of gold on the West Coast in 1848, Fargo extended the express business. In 1862 to 1865, Fargo was mayor of Buffalo and in 1868 he was a Presidential elector. Fargo’s first house was built at 47 Niagara Street at the corner of Franklin. The house took up 2 blocks and was 5 stories high, included an elevator, gold doorknobs, and greenhouses. Fargo was known worldwide and was extremely generous for donating to charities and religious organizations. We, Buffalo, were lucky to have Fargo and could use him right now!

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