Mayor: Roesch

The first Buffalo Mayor to take over after the Great Depression had begun was Charles E. Roesch (1930-1933). His campaign platform was: “No large city can thrive if it gets a reputation at home and abroad for excessive taxation, neither can a city develop and prosper if it becomes known as a ‘cheap town’ in which necessary public improvements are neglected. Cities throughout the country have learned through bitter experience that a definite, wisely conceived plan of expenditure of public funds is as necessary in municipal administration as in private business.” Roesch managed to keep/redeem his promises from his campaign speech even with the Depression. Buffalo was one of the first cities to formulate a program of work relief. He managed to marshal numerous organizations for humanity. “Their achievements will stand out in history as an example of practical community humanitarianism that will serve as an undying inspiration to future generation.”

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