Grover Cleveland

22nd & 24th President: Cleveland

In the 1850′s, GROVER CLEVELAND settled in Buffalo, worked for a local legal firm, was admitted to the bar in 1859, was supervisor for the Second Ward, he was an assistant district attorney, Sheriff of Erie County, and mayor in 1881. Cleveland became disgusted with the scandal and corruption in Buffalo and due to his honest reputation, he became Governor. He then went National and became President from 1885-1889 and 1893-1897!

Grover Cleveland was elected Buffalo’s mayor in 1882. Cleveland’s political career was booming due to the positive changes he made and for saving the city nearly a million dollars. He served as mayor for about ¾ of a year when he was nominated for NYS Governor. He is the only person from Erie County to become NYS Governor. Drake filled the two month vacancy, but resigned after a month. Cutting filled in for Drake from Dec. 29, 1882 – Jan. 16, 1883 (just shy of 3 weeks). The proceeding special election voted in John B. Manning. Manning concluded the aftermath of the resignation of Grover Cleveland. The simple math is that Buffalo held 4 Mayors in a short span of about 2 years!!

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