Taste of Siam


My boyfriend and I have been wanting to try Taste of Siam for a while now.  We love trying new local restaurants and we love eating foods with unique flavors that we know that we’re not talented enough to create at home.  We had intended on going to Sato last night, as I am having an affair with their Spicy Ramen; however, they are closed on Tuesdays (we did not know that).  We found that this was the perfect opportunity to try Taste of Siam.  As people say, everything happens for a reason!

I’m not sure that I’ve ever had Thai food before.  I was a little confused by the menu items so we decided that we were going to be adventurous!  But first, upon arriving, a gentleman greeted us at the door.  He was polite and professional.  He sat us.  He pulled out our chairs, made sure that we were content in that location, and asked if we were well (he was so grammatically correct).  Not even a minute later, a young lady brought us water and took our drink order.  She was very accommodating with my lack of Thai food knowledge.  We ordered Fried Wontons to start.  They came out very quickly, only shortly after our beverages.  We got Chang Thai beer and a Sake/Cranberry Red Elepehant cocktail.  It was deeee-licious (it didn’t even taste like alcohol – she told us that they use the good Sake).  The Wontons were hot, robust in flavor, and the sauce was so delicious that I ate the remaining with a spoon (true story).


The gentleman and young lady both took care of us, assuring that if we needed something we wouldn’t have to wait for the other to finish someone’s order.  Everything was so precise.  The cloth napkin was folded impeccably and the silverware was placed just right.  They made sure that every single detail was thought of to assure that we had a great dining experience.

I got the Sesame Shrimp and Scallops ($22) and my boyfriend got Beef Ghang Keo Wan Curry ($14) but we always “halvsie” so I got some of both!!!  WOW!  The dishes were works of art and the flavors were savored.  The portion sizes were bountiful.  The curry was like something that I’ve never had before.  It had a kick of heat but was edible.  It’s hard to describe so just go try it for yourself!  It’s unique at first but after a few spoonfuls, you’ll want a bottomless bowl!

The prices were a little higher than we usually spend on my teacher budget; however, they were very reasonable.  For the quality of food and service, it’s actually very cheap! We can’t wait to return.  It was a great dining experience and a great date night!  I strongly recommend it!

photo cred: Justing Murtha

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