Sole – Elmwood

Sole Restaurant

810 Elmwood Avenue ∙ Buffalo, NY 14222 ∙ (716) 362-0356

Sole is a great place to meet friends on the Elmwood Strip with a different feel than the repetitious bar with loud music and no room to breathe! Sole has a tranquil, yet up-beat feel with a variety of rooms-within-rooms. The decor accurately matches their theme… Latin American / South American.

Sole has an extensive list of beverages to start, including wines, tequila drinks, sangria, and cosmopolitans.   In addition, they have a decent selection of beers varying in tasty ambers to dark stouts!


When I go to Sole, I don’t usually make it past the guacamole.  When you want a light snack, you can literally go into Sole, order a cocktail and a bowl of guacamole and your belly will be content!  The guac is made tableside with ALL fresh ingredients.  When the guacamole-chef rolls the cart up next to your table, you have the option to pick and choose your ingredients, as well as the level of heat.  The guac is served with a bowl of salsa and homemade chips.  Mmmmm… Perfection!

 Another great appetizer that I have experienced is the PEI Mussels.  There were about a dozen mussels bathing in a creamy orange-chipotle sauce.  The mussels are served with toasted baguette.  They will leave you craving for more!

There are a plentiful array of options for an entrée, too.  You can kick-start with a gazpacho or Cuban black bean sopa and continue with an entrée from the Platos Principles or Salad menu.  My favorite is the Chiles Rellenos (cornmeal crusted poblano stuffed with black beans, roasted vegetables & queso fresca with creamy polenta and red chile sauce)!  I can’t wait to try Tierra y Mar salad (chimichurri grilled flank steak, grilled shrimp, crispy onion, roasted corn, black beans, grape tomatoes, crumbled gorgonzola and creamy avocado dressing). 

The service always gets an A+! The hostesses greet you with a smile, the bartender says “hello” to you as you walk by, and the servers are always friendly with a positive attitude.  They make you feel at home and spark conversation with you, yet know when it is their time to walk away!

All menu items are a Latin American art creation made with the most freshest ingredients!


  • Tapas: $3-14
  • Sopa: $4-5
  • Street Fare (Burritos, Tacos, Sandwiches): $11-16
  • Salads: $7-15
  • Platos Principles: $13-38
  •  Atmosphere: 5/5 Buffalos
  • Service: 5/5 Buffalos
  • Food: 5/5 Buffalos

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