Perison’s at the Broadway Market

broadway market sausage


 Well, it’s Easter season and I’m off from work for a week, so I thought it would only be appropriate to meet my father and aunt at the Broadway Market for a nice leisurely stroll and some Polish food! The market was crowded and the line to get a seat at Perison’s was tremendous, but we waited. We ended up sitting right at the counter. I thought that I jumped into a time machine to a few decades ago.  I got the Polish Platter, which consisted of sausage, lazy pirogue, a cheese and sauerkraut pirogue, and a golumpki. It didn’t take long for the food to arrive.  My father got pirogue and a Beef on Weck.  All of the food looked and smelled great! My favorite of all the items on the platter was the golumpki. It was like the home-made ones that my mom made when I was young.  The service was decent.  For Easter week, they probably could have had more staff on, but we did get served promptly and accurately.  It was fun getting lost in a trance and watching the servers bustling to make everything and get it served.  The women were quick!  If you’re in the mood for Polish, make it down to Perison’s and get their Polish Platter! I give them 4/5 Buffalos!

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