Lunch Review

As Grad-School is winding down for the summer, some of my colleagues and me decided to grab some lunch as a last hurrah.  We chose Sole, but they didn’t open until 3 and Acropolis had a water-main break, so we ended up going to Cecelia’s.  I had never been there and, to be honest, only thought that they were a martini bar.  The lunch menu consisted of soups, salads, sandwiches, and sides.  We all decided to order a shmorgishborg of items, as we were indecisive!  I loved how they offered a solo Stuffed Banana Pepper for $3.50! It came served on a piece of baguette with olive oil streamed over it and it was overflowing with cheese stuffing.  It was luscious! Next, we ordered Carolina Pulled Pork.  It was tender, savory, and tangy! Scrumptious!  The fries were thick and potato-ey, with what appeared to be sea-salt on top.  The Homemade Mac & Cheese was good, but nothing compares to Fat Bob’s mac.  Finally, we got the Potato Nacho which consisted of potatoes, melted cheddar, bacon, and chives.  They used the same cheese as in the Mac & Cheese, so I was a little nacho-cheesed-out.  Regardless, they were good.  The restaurant (patio) was clean and the service was great!  The poor waiter had to serve us in the record-breaking Buffalo heat in a long-sleeved shirt and pants, yet he was very accommodating. He split our bill five ways without whining under his breath as he walked away, he refilled our bevs promptly, and he was friendly.  Let’s just say that I am delighted to have gone there and will be going again, soon!

I rate it 4/5 Buffalos!

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