Buffalo Mass Mob


Buffalo–A City of Churches

Did you ever wonder how you can help make a difference at some of Buffalo’s incredible historic and heritage churches? Buffalo Mass Mob has an easy answer!

Inspired by the successful Buffalo Cash Mob and a Facebook Mass done at Saint Adalbert Basilica a couple of years ago, Buffalo Mass Mob will, in grassroots fashion, allow you to support and experience some of Buffalo’s wonderful churches in need of a boost. The concept is simple. The Buffalo Mass Mob picks a church and you come to Mass there.

Our city is known for its incredible architecture. Part of this architectural mix are the many churches located throughout Buffalo. These houses of worship helped shape and define the city as we know it.  It is Buffalo Mass Mob’s hope to help create more awareness and appreciation for sacred sites in Western New York through the simple act of experiencing them in their intended purpose and encourage people to attend Mass more at Buffalo’s historic churches.

The first was at Saint Adalbert Basilica on 11/02/2013the second was at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the third was at Saint John Kanty Church, the fourth was at All Saints ChurchBuffalo Mass Mob V was at Saint Thomas Aquinas in South BuffaloBuffalo Mass Mob VI was at Assumption Church in Black Rockthe seventh was held at Holy Angels Church on Buffalo’s West SideBuffalo Mass Mob VIII was at Kaisertown’s Saint Casimir Church, the ninth was at Blessed Trinity Church, the tenth was at Saint Louis Church, the eleventh was at Saint Ambrose Church, the twelfth was at Corpus Christi Church, the thirteenth was at Saint Katharine Drexel, Buffalo Mass Mob XIV was at Saint Luke’s Mission of Mercy, and XV was held at Holy Cross Cross Church.  All fifteen were a huge success!  Buffalo Mass Mob XVI will be on Sunday, June 5th at Holy Family Church…click here for details.

It is an easy way for you to support the wonderful churches we have here in Buffalo.

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(information above written by co-Mass Mob organizer, Chris Byrd)