Union Ship Canal

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Union Ship Canal

This post expresses revitalization but at the same maintains historic significance in regards to the Union Ship Canal, which is a part of the Historic yet Innovative Inner – Outer Harbor Unification !

I decided to take a ride down to Fuhrmann Blvd today to see, first hand, what was going on with the Union Ship Canal, aka Union Ship Commons.  The Union Ship Canal went from being an asset for the the city in regards to shipping –> to being nothing but a somber and ghostly piece of land / waterway that people would dump their trash at –> to a place where you can ride your bikes, fish, enjoy the sun, and take walks.  I drove up Ridge Rd and made a right onto Fuhrmann.  I had to park my car by the old Bethelehem Steel buidling because there wasn’t a place to park, unless I went down by Gallagher Beach.  To do that, I would of had to of taken Rout 5 and gotten off at the first exit.
While on my adventure, I listened to the roaring of the cars above me from Route 5.  Upon onsite, there were flower beds, street lamps, and walk-ways. The area, yet not complete, is tranquil, serene, and historic. I ran into a biker that lives in Pendleton, but drives to Buffalo every weekend and brings his bike to explore the deeper crevices of the city. I also talked with a fisherman that caught the most beautiful bass.  He plans on taking it to the waters of Botanical Gardens.
The opportunities of the area are limitless! I could see the perimeter of the slip being optimized by local businesses, restaurants, and water activities.  I believe that the progress that has been made, thus far, is fundamental to businesses visioning a future in the property!  It is the final point of the city, and in due time, I am confident that it will leave a positive impression in people’s minds as they exit Buffalo… not that I want them to leave =) People need to conceptualize that we have one lake, one waterfront, onecity.  The area has not been attractive or even able to be effectively utilized, which led to people forgetting about it… until now.  This area is a historic element to our city and I am appreciative that some history remains visible in the revitalization of it!


I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in. ~John Muir

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