As a BSC Graduate Student, we are sometimes asked to perform the activities or lessons that we intend on implementing with our students.  On this gorgeous summer day, my professor had us complete as activity outside.  We had to pick an object and write about how it looks, sounds, feels, etc.  I could have chosen something concrete like a bench or street light… or something abstract like a shadow or the sun… BUT instead, I chose the best thing in site: The Richardson Complex.  I seem to have a one-direction mind, meaning that when I get to choose what to write about, you bet it’s Buffalo!  This would not be a model piece for my second graders, but it made me admire and appreciate the lesson.  I recreated the worksheet with my answers, below!
Creating Word Images
My ObjectRichardson Complex
The Richardson Complex   looks like   an architectural treasure
The Richardson Complex   sounds like   ghosts haunting my every thought
The Richardson Complex   feels like   chills shivering down my spine
The Richardson Complex   tastes like   bitter desperation from those that encompassed it
The Richardson Complex   smells like   moisture drip-dropping from the window panes
One thing about this relic   is  how it emphasizes Buffalo’s glorious ambiance

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