The Mansion on Delaware

Architect: George Allison’s “The Mansion on Delaware”

The Mansion on Delaware Avenue was once the dream home of an Ohio Street Grain Elevator Industrialist, Charles F. Sternberg, in which costed $200,000. Sternberg hired architect, George M. Allison to design the 20,000 square foot beauty. Construction began in 1869 and was completed in 1870; however, Sternberg departed before it was finished. It has been called ‘The House of Light,’ because it has over 175 windows, 14 of which are large bay windows. The windows and 18 feet high ceilings were an indication of great wealth at the turn of the century due to the enormous expense of heating with coal.” The Mansion was purchased and was made into a 100 room hotel during the PanAmerican Exposition in 1901. Then, during the Great Depression, the hotel was rumored to be a bordello, visited by some of the Buffalo Club members. After WWII, the Mansion was turned into the Victor Hugo Wine Cellar until the 1970s. From there, it remained an abandoned location until Dennis Murphy, etc. opened The Mansion on Delaware Avenue in 2001. It currently houses 28 luxury rooms and two ballrooms. The amenities are extensive including a 24 hour butler. It is Buffalo’s only historic luxury hotel. I am grateful that preservation saved this landmark from abandonment

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