Joseph Lyman Silsbee



Did you ever stop and wonder who distinguished people like Frank Lloyd Wright learned from before becoming renowned? One man that highly influenced Wright was JOSEPH LYMAN SILSBEE (1848-11913). Wright worked for Silsbee at his Chicago office when he was young. Silsbee, a Harvard and MIT graduate, studied work from the great HH Richardson. Silsbee traveled to Europe for work and upon returning, he moved to Syracuse where he was both a professor and designer. One of his works, in which is still standing, is the Syracuse Savings Bank. In 1882, Silsbee started an office in Buffalo, where he designed the magnificent Falconwood Clubhouse in Grand Island. The Clubhouse sadly burnt down in the summer of 1882 but Silsbee became noted for it which led him to commission homes such as the neighboring Noyes-Naylon House and the Bemis House on North Street in Buffalo. Silsbee opened a third office, this time in Chicago. He worked with Edward Kent who is also known for work done in Buffalo. Silsbee designed close to 400 buildings in our Nation of which 7 are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and he employed one of our country’s finest, Frank Lloyd Wright.

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