Captain Williams Lansing


Captain Williams Lansing

Williams Lansing (aka Captain Williams Lansing):

“a man who knew a great many things besides architecture … he had seen much, read much, and had original ideas on many subjects.”

§        Born: Oct. 1st, 1860 to prominent Buffalonians

§        Graduated from: Buffalo State Normal School

§        Architect at: Green & Wicks 1886, Solo practice 1889, Lansing & Beierl 1892, Lansing Bley & Lyman 1910, Lansing & Oakley 1919

§        Supervising Architect: PanAmerican Exposition 1901

§        Noted for: Connecticut Street Armory, the C.W. Miller Livery Stable, homes of prominent Buffalobusinessmen, Lafayette Presbyterian Church, Central Presbyterian, Canisius College

§        Died September 30, 1920, buried at Forest Lawn

Photos by Danielle Huber (c)

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