August Esenwein

AUGUST ESENWEIN was born in Esenwein-Virnsberg, South Germany in 1856. He studied architecture and engineering and graduated in 1879. He went to Paris where he worked in an architect’s studio as a draughtsman. He emigrated to Buffalo in 1880 where he was also employed as a draughtsman. Soon, he won the first prize for a design for the first Buffalo Music Hall in 1882; which was built under his supervision. In 1897, Esenwein formed a partnership with James Addison Johnson. Esenwein was a member of the Pan-American Board of Architects. The firm designed the Temple of Music (where President McKinley was assassinated), the Administration Building, Alt Nurnberg, and the brick art gallery. About a decade after the PanAm, Esenwein & Johnson took John Galen Howard’s short-lived PanAm Electric Tower and resurrected it, by designing a some-what similar one on Washington Street. It opened in 1912. Esenwein was also noted solely or under partnership for Engine 22, German American Brewery and Hall, Calumet Building, Buffalo Museum of Science, Col. Ward Pumping Station, and Cazenovia Park Casino just to name a few. Esenwein died at 70 in his 167 Oxford St. home.


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