Buffalo Mass Mob XX

Have you heard about #Buffalo #MassMob yet?

We identify urban churches that could benefit in a boost of attendance.  We collaborate with the church to pick a date, time, and other details.

We utilize social media and other sources to publicize the mass.

Our goal is to #PackThePews, re-energize, raise awareness, educate, potentially bring new parishioners, fill the coffers, worship together, and assist in preservation efforts.
We hope you can join us at our 20th Mass Mob at Saint Lawrence Church.
The Buffalo Mass Mob will be heading to Saint Lawrence for Mass Mob XX. First off, we can’t believe that this will be the twentieth time mobbing a church. We are also excited about bring the Mass Mob to this part of the East Side of Buffalo.
St Lawrence Catholic Church Buffalo

1520 E Delavan Ave, Buffalo, New York 14215
Further information about Mass Mob at Saint Lawrence Church:
Twitter Handle: @BuffaloMassMob

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