Saint Mary’s on the Hill – Demolished in 2011

20150926_165057 (1)

image: Danielle Huber

This plaque honors the history of a once highly frequented 100+ year old church in Buffalo’s West Side.  The bell was restored and placed here as well.  The former site of the church is now, otherwise, a parking lot for D’Youville College.  This is one of many fundamental reasons why I am a co-organizer of Buffalo Mass Mob.  This 1892 Gothic Revival beauty shouldn’t be a memory.

The sign reads:

Saint Mary’s on the Hill Episcopal Church was built on this site in 1874.  The original wooden church was replaced by Medina Sandstone edifice pictured above in 1893.  Built in a style reminiscent of Village churches constructed in England during the Middle Ages, it was situated on the rise of land that formed this corner lot.  Features included the unusual buttresses and large openings on the bell tower.

As the population of Buffalo declined during the latter part of the 20th Century the congregation of the church decreased as well.  This resulted in its closure a little more than 100-years after its opening and eventually this prominent neighborhood house of worship was razed in 2011.   

Fortunately neighborhood preservationists saved and stored the bell that occupied the church tower for more than a century.

When D’Youville College announced that they were planning on developing the site into a parking lot, the neighbors asked the College if they would consider incorporating this melancholy bell into the design to celebrate the historic significance of the site.

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The following images were taken shortly before demolition.

(image source)

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